Bombyx Mori (2013)

Production – Bombyx Mori
A wall installation about silk moths

Bombyx Mori is a site specific wall installation that freely interprets the production process of silk by the Bombyx Mori silk moth. This minimalist delicate installation was created especially for this historic site in Paterson, New Jersey, center of silk and textile industries in the USA for many decades.

Drawings of male and female silk moths, each individually printed on acetate and cut out, are pinned close to the wall using steel dressmaker’s pins. A length of silk thread trails from each pin. Presented as preserved entomological specimens, the moths and their precious secretions nonetheless flutter and sway with the slightest breeze.

Production – Bombyx Mori was created for FABRICATIONS, An exhibition of six artists using materials and techniques from the textile industry: Gema Alava, Mike Asente, Daria Dorosch, Monique Luchetti, Christina Stahr, Ann Stoddard

Located in the former textiles mills in historic Paterson, New Jersey, at the Art Factory, twelve miles west of New York City, September 28 to October 26, 2013.

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