“Death-Defying Art” in The Future is History: Feminist Legacies in Contemporary Art

Thursday, March 27, 2014, 7 p.m. at the Brooklyn Museum.

I will be speaking on a panel organized by A.I.R. Gallery and the Institute for Women and Art at Rutgers:

Now in its sixth year, the Dialogues in the Visual Arts series considers the most current critical issues and concerns for women artists, and celebrates Women in the Arts during National Women’s History Month.


L-R: Daria Dorosh; Katherine Hubbard; Leah DeVun; Reina Gossett; Christina Stahr Hunter; Deborah Bershad-Addeo

Organized by A.I.R. Gallery and the Institute for Women and Art at Rutgers, this panel offers an intergenerational dialogue on the continuing impact of feminist history on contemporary art, as well as efforts to preserve the legacies of feminist artists and spaces in New York City. Considering what legacy is and why we should care about it, the panel will also address how imaginings for feminist lives and practices might coalesce in the future.

Deborah Bershad-Addeo, Art Historian and Project Director, NYC Landmarks50
Leah DeVun, Artist and Historian
Daria Dorosh, Artist and Co-founder, A.I.R. Gallery, moderator
Reina Gossett, Artist, activist
Katherine Hubbard, Artist
Christina Stahr Hunter, Artist and Director, Nancy Graves Foundation

Hosted by the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum.